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Exposed Aggregate Concrete

What is Exposed Aggregate?

Put simply, exposed aggregate, or exposed concrete, is a stylish and durable way to add quality to your home or commercial project. 

Concrete is poured with an added aggregate, such as natural rock, slate, tile, rocksalt and even seashell. Then instead of the concrete totally covering these aggregates - it’s then sanded back. The surface of these aggregates are ‘exposed, bringing out their natural beauty.

This finish is achieved by using various techniques such as water washing, abrasive blasting, concrete acid etching and honing. It’s a unique and very effective way to add a fresh look to your home.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Specialists

With such a wide range of fabulous finishes for your exposed aggregate finish, our team can give you a recommendation on aggregate size and proportions to get the best, most attractive, finish.

Both fine and coarse concrete aggregates come in a wide range of colours to suit the style and location of your concrete project. We’ll help you consider the grading, shape and surface of your concrete project, as these can affect the visual appearance of the end result.

The team at Outwest Concrete have all the right tools, skills, and many years of experience to create the perfect exposed aggregate look. We’ll be there for your from your first call right through until we’ve completed your job - to our sky high standards - and your complete satisfaction.

Can’t make it to our office? Just scroll down to have a look at our wide range of exposed aggregate options or contact our friendly team for more information!

Exposed Aggregate Colours...

Please note the below mixes marked "limited" may be unavailable due to material shortages. Please contact us for more information.

...Making Exposed Aggregate Easy!