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Sand Blasted Concrete

What is Sand Blasting?

Commonly known as abrasive blasting, sand or grit blasting is used to expose the aggregates within a hardened concrete, giving it a rustic and attractive look, by eroding the surface layer.

There are four general grades of abrasion, with each one producing a matt finish featuring textures varying from those resembling sand paper (brush blasting) to more coarse textures (light blasting) and blasting that exposes large amounts of aggregate (medium, heavy blasting).

During the process, the colour of the cement will initially dominate, then the sand colour will progressively show with the coarse aggregates being revealed during medium and heavy sand blasting.

Sand Blasted Concrete Specialists

Depending on the finish you’re after, our team can suggest a dominant aggregate colour, perfect for ensuring a style and look that’s right for your job. 

The team at Outwest Concrete have all the right tools, skills, and many years of experience to create the perfect sand blasted concrete finish. We’ll be there for you from your first call right through until we’ve completed your job - to our sky high standards - and your complete satisfaction.

Contact us today for more information, to arrange a firm quote or an estimate or to talk to a tradie about the job.

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