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Polished & Honed Concrete

Polished concrete floors are an extremely popular – open any home or lifestyle magazine and you’re bound to see an example of it!

Polished concrete give the concrete a smooth matt finish, which is achieved by grinding the concrete surface and exposing the aggregates. Smoother polished concrete surfaces can be achieved through extended honing of the surface, using progressively finer abrasives pads for polishing. This imparts a lustre to the concrete surface that is then locked into place with a surface sealant.

It’s important to note that honing shouldn’t commence until the concrete curing has been completed and the concrete has attained adequate strength.

There are two main types of polished concrete:

  1. Easy Grind: surface is plain and shiny
  2. Hard Grind: colour, shape and size of the aggregate can be seen.

Polished Concrete Floor Specialists

When you get your polished concrete floor done by Outwest Concrete, you’ll notice many benefits including:

  • No dusting
  • Little to no tyre markings
  • Improve natural lighting
  • Allergy free
  • Inner beauty and colours of concrete
  • Great to keep clean and tidy
  • Easy maintenance.

The team at Outwest Concrete have all the right tools, skills, and many years of experience to create the perfect polished concrete floor. Expect us to be there for your from your first call right through until we’ve completed your job - to our sky high standards - and your complete satisfaction.

Can’t make it to our office? Just scroll down to have a look at our wide range of polished concrete options or contact our friendly team for more information!

Polished Concrete Options...

*Please note that the coloured glass in our Ocean Blend is sold separately

...Making Exposed Aggregate Easy!