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Permeable Concrete

Permeable Concrete

Due to Council requirements the need for permeable concrete is rapidly increasing and here at Outwest we like to be up to date with the latest concrete producing technology. Call our trained staff for your next permeable concrete order to be assured you receive the most advanced permeable concrete available to the market.

What is Permeable concrete?

Permeable concrete is a durable concrete pavement with a large volume of interconnected voids. Like conventional concrete, it is made from a mixture of cement, coarse aggregates, and water. However, it contains little or no sand, which results in a porous open-cell structure that allows water to pass through readily.

Permeable concrete is a multi-purpose pavement. Unlike conventional asphalt or concrete pavements which create stormwater runoff, permeable concrete provides a hard and durable, vehicle or pedestrian, surface while also doubling as your passive storm water management system.

A properly designed system has no runoff to manage, 100% of the water that falls on it infiltrates through back into the soil below.

...Making Exposed Aggregate Easy!