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Outwest Envirocrete

Outwest Envirocrete is an innovative environmentally responsible product range...

Outwest is committed to providing a service that is both economically viable and sustainable.  We pride ourselves on selecting like-minded business partners that demonstrate sustainable processes and have a responsible approach to environmental concerns.

Decorative concrete is our specialty; and it is in this range where we have been most innovative to provide a high quality product whilst also making significant environmental impact savings. 

These products utilise blended cements, recycled raw materials (stone/brick/sand) and colour pigments. We are constantly looking to both aesthetically and environmentally improve this range.

Please contact us for an update of our new inclusions.

Greet Tree

Outwest Envirocrete was developed with sustainability as the major focus...

The Outwest Envirocrete range of products utilises otherwise discarded materials. 

We use raw materials such as fly ash, blast furnace slag, recycled aggregates, recycled water and inert coloured oxides.

This range recycles these materials, and diverts them from ending up in landfill. And by using these materials reduces the depletion of the natural resources, used in regular concrete, and the burning of fossils fuels in cement clinker production.

So for your next job, why not contact us about helping save the environment with sustainable solutions from Outwest Envirocrete.

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